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Welcome to the TA-Agency! The TA-Agency is a Marketing Consultant company that specializes in providing services for minority-owned businesses with the right marketing plans to help their business achieve its goals. Let the TA-Agency help you "Unlock The Key to Your Success".

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Meet the Founder
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Meet the founder

Toyin Akinyemi is a dynamic individual who recently completed her MBA at Syracuse University in June 2023. As a proud Brooklyn College graduate  in Marketing back in 2015, she has embarked on a remarkable career journey. Since graduating, she has worked for 3 companies that were among the top 50 companies in the business directory and media companies in the United States.

During her time at Brooklyn College, she would frequently visit a lot of great minority-owned businesses such as restaurants, health food stores, hair salons, dance studios, etc. A lot of these businesses would have good products or services but she discovered that their marketing wasn’t as well as it should be. She noticed things were overpriced, their poor customer service or people didn’t know about all of their products. This experience opened her eyes to a common challenge faced by these enterprises—underdeveloped marketing strategies.

That’s how the TA - Agency was created. She created this agency to provide small business owners with the proper resources to have a solid foundation on how to promote their business successfully.



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